The First Crusade - Cristiano Filippini

The First Crusade

Cristiano Filippini

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“An ambitious opera, rich in majestic and epic parts, pompous and emphatic phases, all suited to a cultural audience accustomed to orchestral scores.” 8.5 / 10

“The visions of music composed by Cristiano Filippini are very remarkable; he is able to reproduce at different moments the atmospheres that in a movie, like “The First Crusade” would be the ideal soundtrack, would be painted with images.” 7.5 / 10

“An ambitious and perfectly managed opera, that leads the listener on a journey that began about 1000 years ago during the first Crusade.” 4/5

“The First Crusade” is a fascinating and enjoyable work, rich in profound and inspired music, and last but not least, a history lesson that is combined with the imaginative composer’s mind. From the musical side, you can go through moods, purity of spirit, fear, anger and determination, all of them through the sequences of notes… there are classic settings, majestic passages and pompous arrangements, sad pianos, intimidating church organs and stunning oriental landscapes painted ad hoc by the proud guy from Pesaro. Being able to make a classical / ambient album appetizing and brilliant is not easy, especially if it’s not the soundtrack of a famous movie!” 7.5 / 10

“A really ambitious opera that will literally make all those who love the epic thread go out crazy. Let’s take off the hat, indeed the helmet of war, let’s put down the sword and bow to him.”
Metal Hammer Italia 8/10

“Letting yourself go and listening to the notes of “The First Crusade” literally means to make a trip. His ability to capture the imagination and the sensitivity of the listener derives from a complete work that combines music, history and legend, making it a precious, accurate and engaging work.” 88/100

“Cristiano Filippini puts together over an hour of a fantasy opera that would also be perfect as a soundtrack for “The Lord of the Rings”.”
Metal Maniac 7/10

“The First Crusade” is a true symphonic epopee, an elegant instrumental opera that gives free venture to the imagination, making the listener able to revive, in a cinematic style, events, landscapes and fantastic happenings… a real gem for all the lovers of movie soundtracks and epic sounds.” 8/10

“The First Crusade”: more than seventy minutes of orchestral and symphonic tracks, arranged in an exemplary manner, almost conceived as a possible soundtrack for a fantasy movie!”
Rock Hard Italy 7/10

“If you love soundtracks, classical music and orchestras, give a chance to “The First Crusade”, you will not be disappointed.” 7/10

  • 8,5/10
  • 8/10
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  • 75/100
  • 4/5
  • 7+/10
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  • Metal Hammer Italia 8/10
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  • 88/100
  • Metal Maniac 7/10
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  • 7/10
  • 8/10
  • 8/10
  • Rock Hard Italy 7/10
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  • 9.5/10