Welcome to Cristiano Filippini’s Official Website

Welcome to my new website www.cristianofilippini.com!

Now I will give you a brief overview for a better web surfing experience.

HOME: In this section you will find all the news related to my activity as a composer and a general overview of the website itself.

BIOGRAPHY: Click here to find my resume and my updated biography.

MUSIC: Do you want to listen to some music? You will find the covers of my three albums at the top of the page; by clicking on them you can listen to track previews and read reviews and information about each track or album. In the central area, you will find all the videos made during my concerts, which will link you directly to my official Youtube channel.

GALLERY: Concert photos and photoshoots.

CONTACTS: All you need to contact me. Booking Info, Management, Links to Social Media and Email.

SHOP: Where you can buy my albums in both physical and digital format.

I hope you will enjoy my new website. I would really like to thank you all and wish you a good web surfing!
With true affection, Cristiano Filippini.