Cristiano Filippini was born in Pesaro on the 8 March 1981. This town is also the birthplace of the famous composer Gioachino Rossini. He began his career as a composer at the age of 16, first as a hard rock/heavy metal guitarist for the “Lizard” Academy of Fiesole, with the M°Alex Stornello and later, once he started studying piano, he pursued his career devoting himself to composing and to orchestration. He graduated from high school, he then graduated in law and he later attended a composition class at the conservatory “Gioachino Rossini” in Pesaro, where he was introduced by the M°Lamberto Lugli to the musical productions. After composing several records for the music library “History Files” that aimed at the television networks worldwide, he built up his personal brand “Cristiano Filippini Music Productions” thanks to the NTMusic owned by the M°Franco Micalizzi and Franco De Bellis and that is devoted to producing his Epic Symphonic works. “The First Crusade”, a musical work that takes place during the time of Crusades, was published in 2010, while “Flames Of Passion” was published in 2011 ; it’s a new epic symphonic album and it’s marked by its dramatic music, and it becomes the perfect soundtrack of a compelling plot that goes back to the time of the Inquisition. Both records got a very good response and sensational reviews from several and important news organizations, dedicated websites and webzines all over the world. In May 2010 the symphony orchestra “G. Rossini”, which was composed of fifty musicians and it was conducted by the conductor M°Daniele Agiman for the occasion, performed the world premiere of the concert “Sword and Flames” at the “G. Rossini” theatre in Pesaro, during which seventeen pieces of music taken from the first two records of the composer from Pesaro were performed, and they once again had great success with the public and the critics. In the academic year 2013/2014 he went on a “Composer of soundtracks for film’s music” course at the Conservatory “G. Rossini” of Pesaro, under the direction of the M°Giovanni Bacalov and of the Academy Award Winner M°Luis Bacalov. In the summer of that year, he composed the original soundtrack and he acted as a music supervisor for the movie “Il Ritorno del Cigno”, based on the life of Gioacchino Rossini. In August 2015 his symphonic work “Swords And Flames” was completely revised and rearranged and it was performed by the “Sineforma Orchestra” and conducted by M°Japoco Rivani at the music hall “S. Agostino” of S. Ginesio (MC), during the well-known festival “Medievalia” as a final concert. In the October of that  same year he attended a class of “Digital Recording and Musical Production” at “Stazione Gauss” in Pesaro. In 2016 his symphonic work had been performed again at the “G. Rossini” theatre in Pesaro and during this event the famous tenor Josè Carreras’ pianist Lorenzo Bavaj performed as a soloist. Critical acclaim from the specialized press followed this concert. He then got a Master’s degree in “Musica Applicata all’Immagine” at the Higher Institute for Music Studies “Luigi Boccherini” in Lucca in the same year.