Flame of Passion - Cristiano Filippini

Flames of Passion

Cristiano Filippini

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“If classical music and instrumental soundtracks fascinate you, “Flames Of Passion” is for you.”
Allaroundmetal.com 7.5/10

“Believe me, I’m not exaggerated if I tell you that Cristiano has found an innovative way to communicate with the most sensitive, educated, attentive and greedy of musical proposals audience with the attributes. By reading the words contained in the booklet along with listening of the album, you will find that Cristiano Filippini reveals himself as a master in combining the various situations described in the text with the moody atmospheres designed by sound and the emotions that are perceived during the performance.”
Giornalemetal.blogspot.com 8.5/10 

“You will find extremely interesting the proposal of Filippini that brings the music to the original stage: art and non-business. Although the album is composed, played, produced and made entirely by Filippini himself, the result is the most professional you can find around. You won’t miss the wonderful recording studios. A great job, this “Flames Of Passion”, that will delight those who also seek not only the most classic part of the music, but these classical music compositions recovered in a modern and updated key as well.”
Heavy-Metal.it 4/5 

“In “Flames Of Passion” the musical rushes light up and fade the intensity of the plots, succeeding in impressing the listener’s skin with the parts of history and agreeing the fantasy and the historical part in a fusion that I rarely found in a CD. The true inspiration can be found in the symphonic variations. The composer from Pesaro manages to keep the tension alive thanks to the vast application of orchestrations and to the variations of organ and piano that are truly pleasant. If I had an album ready and I needed an orchestrator, I would definitely choose Cristiano Filippini. An artist who, in a bounce of time, will not have anything to envy to foreign compositions very popular in the Rock field. After all, one of the backgrounds that Cristiano admits to have is Hard Rock indeed.”
Heavyworlds.com 7.5/10 

“Music for the sublimation of images, for the sensations of time travel, to regain all the emotions that today, for several reasons, can no longer exist. With its elegant and theatrical style, Cristiano Filippini still captures the ear and the imagination, also with the preciousness of this almost impalpable bond that will probably continue in the future. History, by the way, cannot stop itself.”
Metallized.it 84/100 

“In his musical distillation, symphonic arias are produced by the high epic tenet… an opulent work, rich in that unmistakable charm of “high” works… a myriad of sensations intertwined in so many soft lines… an adventurous opera!”
Metal Hammer Italia 7.5/10 

“Great production, good ideas and above all a very interesting ability to create an epic atmosphere, majestic and convincing, between top-level piano parts, rich programming, darkness and rivals. Very good!”
Metal Maniac 8/10

“If you love the soundtracks of colossal and fantastic movies such as “The Lord of the Rings”, etc., then the music of this extraordinary composer is for you! I do congratulate Cristiano Filippini for his last masterpiece!”
Rawandwild.com 8/10 

“Flames Of Passion” resumes the path interrupted in the previous chapter with twelve instrumental songs that defining epics would not be enough… solemn, melodic, ancient and dreamy music… starting from the title track we are once again catapulted in the past, the medieval and chivalrous era. The music of “Flames Of Passion”, as in the previous chapter, could well be used as a soundtrack for a fantasy or a feature movie, especially for the scenes of major pathos.”
Rock Hard Italy 7.5 / 10 

“Gorgeous marches contrast to plain passages of bows and piano, sparkling organ notes frame the great design of “Flames Of Passion” and handed it to our hands.”
Spaziorock.it 7.5 / 10 

  • Allaroundmetal.com 7,5/10
  • Firebrandrr.co.uk 9/10
  • Fireflameservices.com 9/10
  • Giornalemetal.blogspot.com 8,5/10
  • Hardsounds.it 78/100
  • Heavy-metal.it 4/5
  • Heavymetalwebzine.it 7,5/10
  • Heavyworlds.com 8,5/10
  • Inxsmel.blogspot.pt 9/10
  • Melteddog.blogspot.it 8,5/10
  • Metalchesh.com 5/5
  • Metal Hammer Italia 7,5/10
  • Metallized.it 84/100
  • Metal Maniac 8/10
  • Metalshockfinland.com 8/10
  • Metalsickness.com 18/20
  • Rawandwild.com 8/10
  • Rock Hard Italy 7,5/10
  • Spaziorock.it 7,5/10